Republican Women of Reno

RWR Brigades

The RWR Brigades were created to advocate for conservative issues in our community.  The Brigades do not hold regular meetings but are involved in the activities below and communicate via email.

Boots On the Ground Brigade: Chair: (looking for a chair)
A grass-roots activist brigade that strategizes and sponsors activities to get Republican candidates elected. Boots on the Ground works in tandem with the Nevada GOP and other Republican groups to promote candidates through phone banks, door knocking, fundraising, and more.  
County Commission/WCHD Brigade: Chair:  (looking for a chair)
Attends Washoe County Board of Commissioners and Washoe County Health District meetings to lobby, speak, and present views on issues to be voted on by the Commissioners.  
E-Communications Brigade: Chair:  Janet Butcher,
Responsible for sending emails on important meetings, rallies and community events of interest to the Brigades.

Faith Brigade:    Chair:  Layne Linebaugh,

Hispanic Brigade: (Looking for a chair)
Reaches out to the Hispanic community through attendance at events to educate voters on conservative platforms of our candidates, register voters, possibly sign up new RWR members, and encourage them to get out and vote.
Second Amendment Brigade: 
Advocates for legislation supporting our Second Amendment gun rights. 
Legislative Brigade: (looking for a chair)
Informs members of upcoming key legislative issues and provides information on which legislators to contact.

Veterans’ Affairs Brigade:    Chair:  Brigitte Stafford,

Supports  care for veterans and informs members of local issues concerning veterans.

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